Top 4 Tips on How to Market and Sell Furniture to High-Net-Worth Clients

Top 4 Tips on How to Market and Sell Furniture to High-Net-Worth Clients

Marketing and selling furniture to high-net-worth clients requires that you establish personal relationships with them over time. High-net-worth customers look for three things when out there shopping for furniture; high quality, unique pieces, high level of personal service and out-of-the-ordinary customer care. Also, high-net-worth furniture buyers know each other. Therefore, ask for referrals to boost your sales. So how should you market your furniture to high-net-worth clients? Here’s how:

Use the right magnetic language to market and sell furniture to wealthy buyers

High-net-worth furniture buyers have been exposed to a lot of sales copy that you will have to be creative enough to get them to buy from you. When pitching your furniture to them demonstrate your experience and expertise in the furniture world and use language that gets them off their seats. The language should also align with their sense of luxury, personal indulgence and taste, without overwhelming them. The promotion material should also be top-quality to demonstrate that you value quality in every aspect of your furniture business.

Market and sell furniture through mediums adapted to wealthy buyers

Market your furniture through mediums that are dedicated to high-net-worth homeowners. Place adverts in magazines, radio stations and TV stations that target the wealthy.

Market and sell furniture quickly by forging alliances with top designers

Most high-net-worth buyers have their interior designers they work with. If you manage to cultivate strong relationships with these designers, you can be able to reach these high-net-worth furniture buyers quickly. These relationships with designers can grow to a point where you share leads that are mutually beneficial. But you must deliver authentic, modern furniture pieces, along with high-quality service and customer care.

Market and sell furniture through Interior shows and exhibitions

The good thing about interior design expositions and shows is that it attracts high-net-worth homeowners, upscale furniture retailers, designers and model home decorators. Marketing your furniture in these events exposes them to this huge range of clients, and this can boost your business. To pitch successfully to these clients at interior shows and exhibitions, make sure you have the highest quality display that features top-notch photos of your furniture.


Marketing and selling furniture to high-net-worth clients can be a daunting task, but if you know what they want, it becomes easy. To be able to know what they want, you have to marinate yourself in their culture, and soon enough, you will know their way of life.